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Happy patients are our specialty !

Over the course of his 30 year practice, Dr. Hoklin is proud to have been able to heal countless patients, seeing them return to normal, healthy daily life without back pain. Here are a few of their stories:

Kristen Prinzing (43 years old)

I have had neck and upper back and SI joint issues over the years, and have relied upon Dr. Hoklin for my care. His skillful adjustments always make me feel better practically instantly. While each of my conditions have been chronic in nature, Dr. Hoklin has been a source of both healing care as well as encouragement and reassurance as my conditions improved. Not only is Dr. Hoklin a great chiropractor, but he is a caring, and thoughtful healer as well as an upbeat, good-humored and all-around great guy. I highly recommend him.

Jerry Nordstrom, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Dr. Noel Hocklin has become my primary doctor for chronic issues that I have had with my hips and back. Each treatment moves me much further towards resolution of the problems. Although fear of "treatment" has kept me from using chiropractic until recently, under Dr. Hoklin's care, I have found that there was nothing to fear and I now wish that I had started sooner.

Al Jordan (49 years old)

I have been a patient and a friend of Dr. Noel Hoklin for over 20 years. In that time, I have had countless back and neck injuries. Dr. Hoklin has always gone far and beyond the call of duty, not only for myself, but also for my daughter and several friends of ours. I recently asked Dr. Hoklin to see another friend of mine who was having a very painful problem with his back. My friend had not only never been to a Chiropractor, but he really did not believe that it would be of benefit to him. Since he began seeing Dr. Holkin my friend has been able to go back to functioning as he normally did. My friend called to thank me, saying he has not felt this good in years! Dr. Hoklin is a very professional and caring doctor. I know this from experience! I will continue to rely on Dr. Hoklin for chiropractic care.