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Welcome to Hoklin Chiropractic!

This is a chiropractic clinic that focuses on your needs. Our thoughtful care ensures a rapid recovery from a variety of conditions that can occur during daily life or as a result of accidents or other trauma to the body. Appointment times are convenient and available when you need them. You can rely on us to be there for you when you need us!

Our website is designed to answer your questions about your condition, the care we provide, what to expect over the course of your recovery, and links for further reading. You will also find information about Dr. Hoklin and his years of successful experience diagnosing and treating spinal conditions of all kinds. Please visit our photo gallery to see images of our office, Dr. Hoklin and Vicki, our administrator! And be sure to visit Dr. Hoklin's blog to find out about the latest issues and events that relate to chiropractic care. And don't forget - we are always just a quick phone call away! 406-652-1999!